Gel Tech Cosmopolitan Hybrid 12"

Regular price $840.00

Combine the benefits of memory foam technology and individually wrapped, independent coils and you have the recipe for a great night's sleep. The Gel Tech Hybrid Cosmopolitan is a full 12 inches in height.  The bed contains MicroPur™ cooling cell technology,  a layer of cooling gel memory foam.  And the Cosmopolitan comes with an incredibly comfortable tight-top cover.   Gel Tech provides excellent support, eliminating pressure points while keeping your spine properly aligned.


• Breathable, multi layer, waterfall design, knit cover with anti-microbial characteristics
• 3" MicroPur™ breathable memory foam that disperses heat and moisture as you sleep
• Gel Memory Foam
• 752 count, fully encased, individually wrapped coils
• High density, high ILD foam support layer
• Supportive, durable construction
• Adjustable friendly

Choose the Cosmopolitan if you want a cool luxurious sleep experience with outstanding motion isolation, all in a modern design.